Children ages birth-5 years old (pre-K) are asked to use our Child Check-in System to attend Roamers (Nursery), Journey Land (ages 2-5 (pre-K)), and Bible Fellowship (ages 2-5).

On your first visit, we will ask for you to fill out a form with basic information.  We will enter your information into our computer system and allow you to select a 4 digit passcode.  This passcode often is the last 4 digits of your cell phone number.

Once you are in the system, you simply use the touch screen to enter your password, then the first 3 letters of your last name, this will then bring up your child or children’s names.  From there you can edit their badge information that will notify us of any special needs or allergies.  You will then select the programs they will be attending.  Then simply push complete check-in and a badge will print for your child and a receipt for you.  The badge will be place on your child’s back and you will keep your receipt.  The number on both your receipt and your  child’s    badge will change every week for security purposes.

During the service time if you’re child needs you, your child’s number for the week will appear on the screen in the worship service, and then you can proceed to the area that your child is in to provide for their need.

To check your child out, you simply give your receipt to one of our childcare workers who will match the number on your receipt with the number on your child’s badge.  They will then collect both the badge and the receipt to allow us to know that we have safely returned your child after providing them with a loving and caring environment.