Capital West Christian Church Student Ministry is more than just a church youth group.   We are a movement of youth in revolt for Christ.  We understand the difficulties that teenagers face during 6th-12th Grade.

“the Impact”  is a place where we show them LOVE, help them LEARN about Jesus, and then how to SERVE God in everything that they do.  We feel that we are called and made it our purpose to make disciples (Matthew 28: 19-20).  We have three areas that we want to direct student into  that will help them to become a disciple.

Both Middle School and High School meet on Wednesday nights with a split lesson and small group time so they will be able to have lessons crafted to their age group.  Listed below with our “Love, Learn, and Serve” purpose we want to continue our purpose and focus more on each age group.


“the Impact” High School & Middle School Wednesday Night 3:00pm- 7:30pm.

the Impact on Wednesday night is to introduce students to the Love of God!  We want to make those first connections with the students and reach out to new visitors as well.  Then connect them to God and the Love that he has for them.  During our service times we split the Middle School and High School students up for the lesson and small groups.  We have lessons crafted to their age group and feel it is important for them to have that time with students in their age group. Luke 10:27, Deut 6:5, Matt 22:37


Sunday Morning Church Service and Sunday School

 (1st Service 8:45, Sunday School 10:00, 2nd Service 11:00)

We want them to learn about God through God’s Word.  We are focusing deeper into the word in our Sunday school classes.  We believe that once a student starts to read and apply the Bible on their own the more their faith will become their own.  And once their faith becomes their own we know that it will stick a lot longer than if it wasn’t.  We want to teach students how to open up their Bible and know how to use them, how it was made, and what we are called to do with it.


Student Leaders

High School Student Leaders Wednesday Nights

With the focus of serving we will be asking all of your High School Student Leaders to step up and serve in many of the areas in the church.  Many of them are helping in the Children’s Ministry every Sunday morning.

With our Junior and Senior Student Leaders they will go through a training in August to be trained to work along with sponsors in helping lead small groups, along with planning some events throughout the year.


On top of the Learn, Love, Serve we offer many other all year round events and camps.  Check out our calendar of events as well.

Student Ministry Calendar

Student Ministry Summer Schedule