2017 High School Summer Schedule

High School Events:

Camp Mocomi Church Camp:

June 4– 9 Cost: $125


Christ In Youth Move


July 16– 22   Cost: $350

The Blaze

We will be meeting at The Event Center for a Bible study @ 1pm on the dates below.

May 31st

June 14th

June 28th

July 12th

July 26th

Aug. 2nd

Aug. 9th

August 10th– Special Event (This Blaze will be from

10:30am-5pm.  We will meet at the Event Center for Bible Study, then head to the lake for some fun)

2017 Middle School Summer Schedule

Middle School Events:

Camp Mocomi Church Camp:

June 11th-15th  5th-6th Grade Camp  Cost: $100

June 18th-23rd  7th-8th Grade Camp    Cost: $125


 Breakfast Club

We will be meeting at the Event Center at 9 am for breakfast and a

devotion.  On the selected days we will have an extra activity that will be from 10:30-Noon.

May 31st     9:00-Noon   Mini Golf

June 14th     9:00-10:30

June 28th    9:00-10:30

July 12th     9:00-10:30

July 26th     9:00-10:30

August 2nd     9:00-Noon   Water War

August 10th     9:00-10:30