We Are…

An Independent Christian Church.  This means we are not associated with a denomination.  This allows us to be self-goverened and free to follow the Bible and the Bible alone, not a man-made directive or creed.    A Church committed to the Bible.   Every sermon and lesson will be based upon Biblical truths and texts.   We believe that God has revealed His will and we look to the Bible to discover it.

Committed to follow God’s plan to get to Heaven.   We look to the Bible for examples of people who become followers of Jesus.   We also seek out specific Bible explanations of what we need to do to be allowed into God’s family.

An  encouraging group of people.   We believe God has placed us on this earth for several purposes.   One of those purposes is to fellowship with others.   We want to build relationships that help strengthen each other and encourage one another through daily struggles and problems, and to rejoice through times of rejoicing.

Committed to help your family.     Your children, your marriage and your relationship with God are very important to us and we want to help make your family successful.